About Us

Company Overview

Dammam Development is a Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company which commenced its operations in August 2003 as a Real Estate Development Company. The share capital of the Company is SR 100 Million.

The Company is owned by a group of Saudi investors who started the company’s business with a vision of expanding the real estate investment. It was established with an objective of developing and managing real estate investments locally and in the GCC countries. Moreover, the company is providing advisory services related to property management. The company was formed after taking into consideration the vast development and growth of industrial projects in the Gulf Region and the high demand of real estate development due to the increase in population.

Recently, the company management has perceived the importance of shifting the company into a different era of business opportunities by focusing on investments at various business activities that will make the company expand internationally. The company persists with the continued provision of quality services and social benefits while maintaining its prime objective of generating high returns to investors. Management believes that the company has achieved most of its objectives through the current diversified portfolio it has and the potential investment opportunities that are under consideration.

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Our Vision

To create a multi-business investment portfolio that generates high return on investments to the investors while exceeding the expectations and needs of our customers.

Our Mission

Provision of state-of-the-art real estate products and services based on company’s expertise in the real estate development and property management in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Moreover, Dammam Development Company strives to capture investment opportunities that will economically and socially benefit the society and strengthen the company’s investment portfolio in the local and international markets.

Core Values

We follows certain rules and values that are derived from the Arabic tradition, the Islamic rules and regulations, and the best newly expertise applied locally and internationally on its performance of operations. Those rules and values are:

  • Transparency, truth and leniency in all business relations.
  • Quality and accuracy in work performance which matches the highest available standards.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of all performed works.
  • Partnership with others.
  • Work with the team spirit.
  • Creativeness and innovation in all services provided.
  • Open mind to other cultures.
  • Accepting the opinions of others.