About Us

Chairman’s Message

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing an economic expansion in the real estate sector and general investments due to certain encouraging monetary conditions and the return of many local investments following some international political effects.

The growth of the Saudi economy has encouraged Dammam Development Company, since its inception in 2003, to build strategic partnerships with major investors and strengthen its market position. The investments and projects made and managed by Dammam Development Company are well planned and implemented.

The Company has established many entities in corporation with selected, well-established, and famous GCC companies and businessmen such as Jubail Development Company, Saudi Al Mushtaraka Company and Bait-Al-Maal Khaliji. Other GCC investments include companies such as REAL CAPITA and REEF for Real Estate Financing in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Manazel Development Company in Kuwait. Dammam Development Company is currently in the process of incorporating many companies with its strategic partners in order to increase and diversify its investment portfolio to achieve the company’s vision.

Dammam Development Company is distinguished from other investors for its ability to operate within certain conditions. This allows the company to achieve its objectives of working in accordance with Hi Tech standards and meet the continuous developments in the real estate and other sectors.

When the company was initially established, its main role was to activate the private investment sector and to strengthen the national economy of Saudi Arabia. Recently, Dammam Development Company has perceived the importance of focusing more on investing internationally. The Company has achieved many of its objectives, of which management is being proud off. These achievements reflect the vision towards a bright future.